Tuesday March 26th – Driver’s License Run


Get your Mexican driver’s license, we take you to the local DMV main office at the best times and dates to make the process as easy and fun as possible. We take you from Black Coffee Gallery to the Mexican DMV and back home again.

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What time: We leave from Black Coffee Gallery at 7 AM SHARP, we have to be at the DMV at 8 am, be at pickup location at least 15 minutes prior departure so we can check your documents

What we do: We get to DMV, we tag along through the process helping you translate anything that needs to be translated to you, you take the written test (10 easy questions in English, so far all the questions have been signs), you skip the driving test if you have a valid drivers license from your home country, if you are over 65 you get a seniors discount, you get your drivers license, and we head back. There is a quaint little snack shack and a coffee shop where you will be able to buy something to nibble on (the coffee is quite good).

When we get back: We are aiming to be back at Ajijic by 1 pm tops, but it all depends on how many people are being attended at the DMV.

If you do not have a valid drivers license from your home country, you will have to take a driving test, that can be done with the pickup trucks owned by the DMV where they make you take a lap around a track and parallel park, you can also do this with your own car, but you will have to drive to the DMV with it and you can follow us.

Excursion Price: $650.00 Pesos for the concierge service (get you there, help you with the process and help you with the documents needed for the process)
License Prices:

  • Regular Driver’s License – 633.00 pesos regular price – people 65 years old and above 348.00 pesos
  • Chofer license – 717.00 pesos regular price – people 65 years old and above 394.00 pesos
  • Motorcycle License:348.00 pesos regular price – people 65 years old and above 191.00 pesos

What you need, keep in mind that you will need to bring ALL ORIGINALS AND COPIES:

  • Passport
  • Valid permanent resident visa or temporary resident visa
  • Proof of address: It has to be the most recent one you got, the proof of address has to be to your name, if you and your partner share the same last name, then it can work for you and your partner no matter to whose name it is, just as long as it has the same last name. and all valid proofs of address the DMV accepts are:
    • Telmex Bill
    • CFE Bill
    • Cable Bill
    • Predial
    • Bank Statement
    • Carta de Residencia or Carta de Domicilio
  • CURP card, you can get it online here, but if you need help let me know.
  • Know your blood type, if you don’t know it, you can go to a clinic and have your blood tested, we can do that at the DMV, but will slow the process.
  • Decide if you want to be an organ donor (yes or no)
  • 2 Photocopies of each document
  • Payment. 575.00 regular price or 300.00 senior discount price (there might be an increase on the price, but we don’t know how much yet, but it was said that it would be just 50 pesos, but be ready to may more that what is stated here)
  • PLEASE ARRANGE YOUR COPIES IN SETS OF: 1 Passport copy, 1 CURP Copy, 1 Proof of Address Copy and 1 Visa copy. 

Where to get the Carta de Domicilio or Carta de Residente: Palacio Municipal de Chapala. (376 765 8000) 2nd floor.
*Residente Visa
* Passport
*2 photos (size = “credential”. Just ask for this size at Farmacia Guadalajara and they will know which size it is.)
* A bill with correct address (CFE, Temex, same as above, does not have to be to your name)
*$50.00 MXN
– You will go back to pick up the card the next day.
– Be sure to let the employee know that you will be needing this for your drivers license in GUADALAJARA (not Chapala – the requirements are different).

If you are not able to get your carta de residencia, please PM me and we will make sure you have the proper documents.


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