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Buy a raffle ticket and join us for 3 days, 2 nights of amazing time in Morelia, Michoacan. Eat, drink, learn, enjoy of this beautiful colonial city and take all the pictures you want. Feel comfortable, feel safe and have an amazing experience with our team of certified Morelian tour guides.

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Win a trip to Morelia! Only with MexiGO!

Buy a 500.00 pesos ticket and get the change to win a trip to Morelia. We are collecting funds to pay for the corrective surgery that our company mascot and family member, Remy the Pomeranian, needs to correct his Patellar Luxation on both knees, this is a very common genetic problem that Poms suffer.

Pattelar Luxation can cause a Pom to walk with hunched back and their legs look like they are waling on stilts. If this is not corrected at an early stage, it could cause irreparable damage to their knees and can’t walk properly again.¬†

If you help our little Remy and buy a ticket you will get the change to win the following trip to Morelia:

Let’s go to Morelia! Only with MexiGO!

Join us for a 3 day / 2 night trip where you will be able to see:

  • The Cathedral
  • Main Plaza
  • Old Aquaduct
  • Traditional Candy Museum
  • Artisan Museum
  • Glorious parks and squares
  • Colonial architecture
  • and on the way back let’s stop in Patzcuaro for a bit


Morelia is a beautiful colonial city, with plenty to see and do. Get to know it properly with the help of MexiGO! and our team or Morelian tour guides, we will take slow paced tours to take in the views, give you plenty of time to shop and enjoy the place. Feel safe, feel comfortable and feel certain that you will have the chance to experience Morelia at your own pace.

We will have plenty of free time so you can go on your own, sit down at one of the traditional plazas or parks while sipping a glass of wine, a beer or a margarita, if you want to explore a bit more on your own we can suggest places to see and amazing photo ops.

Price is based on double room (2 people per room), if you require a private room, you can pay an extra charge to get your private room.
Transportation is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter for 19 passengers, quite comfortable and with plenty of storage room for your bags and purchases


  • Departure Time from Black Coffee: 8:00 AM (approx 3:30 hour drive time)
  • Arrive at Morelia: Approx 1130:ish AM
  • Day 1: Cathedral, Main Plaza, Museo del Dulce, dinner at traditional Morelian cenaduria
  • Day 2: Instituto del Artesano, Old acuaduct, romance alley, mercado del dulce¬†
  • Day 3: On the way back we go to Santa Clara del Cobre, Patzcuaro and back home
  • We arrive to Guadalajara around 6 PM, drop off at Black Coffee Gallery.

Times and activities may vary to best arrange the trip and for the convenience for the whole group.


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